Flames of war Vietnam

Flames of war Vietnam

jueves, 20 de marzo de 2014

Contact! Contact! First AAR! - English

With the new Vietnam rules studied I think I'm ready for my fist Nam game! Vatsetis bring his PAVN and I my Tropic Lightning Rifle Company. We decided to try the Contact! Contact! mission:

Risk: US Rifle Company CT
  • HQ + Medic + Medevac.
  • Rifle Platoon + recoilles 90mm.
  • Rifle Platoon + recoilles 90mm.
  • Recon Platoon (MG).
  • 2 Pattons + 1 extra MG.
  • 5 ACAVs CV.
  • Hueycobra FT.
  • Arty: 3 105mm guns.
Vatsetis: PAVN Infantry Battalion FT
  • HQ + 7 Booby Traps + 3 Resistence + 3 Recoilless 75mm + 3 82mm Mortars.
  • Infantry Company: 2 Platoons, 2 LMGs, B41.
  • Infantry Company: 2 Platoons, 2 LMGs, B40.
  • AAA Platoon w/ 3 Type 54 AAA.
  • Arty : 3 Heavy Mortars 120mm + Obs.


Intelligence reports enemy movement on the other side of the village. My mission is to recon the village and take the supply depots.

The board set up with the US Rifles already deployed. The elephant grass is head-high allowing vehicles to see and be seen, although everything is concealed, but limits visibility to 15cm between troops on the floor. The hills, the roads and the village are open ground.

The recon platoon takes the first two houses, followed by the Green and Red platoons.

The recons see some “farmers” on the other side of the houses. Maybe they know somenthing…
Ambuscade!!! Suddenly the US infantry is surprised by heavy AK, LMG and Mortar fire from the left flank and from the rear!

Medic!!! The Red platoon suffers 4 casualties, the Green platoon one wound and the Recon platoon one wound and one casualtie. The CiC immediately call for reinforcements.

Turn 1:

The medic and the 2iC dig in and save the first wounded team. The CiC calls for an arty bombardement and the 105mm guns crush the hill. The Red and the Recon platoon also open fire and the Viets loose the mortars and two AK teams.

The Americans find a lot of booby traps…

Maybe this “farmers” aren’t friends!

The Viets remain pinned and fall back to force the Americans to follow them in the grass.

Turn 2:

The Green platoon moves and chases the Viets. The arty continue hitting the hill. The Recon platoon “deactivate” bobby trap but the Green one only manage to deactivate one of them, the other two explode causing two causalities. The medic isn’t able to save one of the green teams.

The Viets bring reinforcements. The AA platoon appears on the hill to defend their objective.   

And the second company with the three 75mm recoilless guns and the CiC appears behind the hill.

Heavy mortar fire hit the house where the Recon platoon takes cover.

The PAVN causes two new causalities to the Green platoon and a new wounded as well as two wounded to the Red platoon.

Turn 3:

Seeing the high number of wounded the Medic calls the Medevac. The medic also saves one M60 from the Red platoon.

The Green platoon with heavy looses falls back and the Red one digs in.

The Viets approach to the defensive perimeter causing two more causalities (Green and Recon platoon) and new wounded by mortar fire.

Turn 4:

The Cobra comes from reserves firing his rockets pods and the minigun to the second company, the 105mm guns continue hitting the hill and the infantry empty their magazines causing heavy looses to both companies. The first company passes the moral test to continue fighting. On the other side of the village, the Recon platoon continues the advance to the objective finding new bobby traps.

The second company runs to the other side of the hill, while the first company keeps the pressure over the Green platoon, destroying a M60 team and forcing them to take a moral test. The Green platoon supported by CiC passes the moral test.

Turn 5:

Reinforcements! The ACAVs advance through the "road" firing theirs MGs to the hill to support the infantry.

The Pattons arrive to chase the second company. The Cobra does the same. After the shooting step, the fist company has only three teams left and the second no more than ten teams. Both companies pass the moral test and continue fighting

The first company falls back to the forest.

The RPGs shoot to the Cobra, but the Chopper save the hit. The heavy mortars try to range in the ACAVs but they fail.

Turn 6:

With no more time to play we decide that this is the last turn.

All the americans advance and try to destroy the second company, that suffers new causalities but remains on the table. The Viets do the same and advance to destroy the Cobra with their AKs. But the Cobra saves all the hits! The heavy mortars try to hit the ACAVs but they fail.

And the game finish 0 – 0. (Nam points)

Great game!! I have to learn more thinks about the new US and PAVN tactics. Bobby traps, elephant grass, guerrilla deployment, choppers, ACAVs, a lot of new things for one game!

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